ALWAYS, Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services, is a nonprofit law firm committed to providing free legal services and system reform advocacy to empower homeless children and youth and survivors of sex trafficking. Working through referrals from our social service partners, we help clients lift the legal barriers that stand in the way of opportunity, security, and self-sufficiency.


AZMEN fills a void in the anti-sex-trafficking advocacy industry that is traditionally headed by women’s groups. They address the needs of children and women in the community, including child abuse, sexual abuse and trafficking. Men holding men accountable for their actions toward women and children.


TRUST, Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking, raises public awareness on sex trafficking to community members and organizations through speakers, trainings and centralization of anti-trafficking related materials.  Their mission is to coordinate efforts in Arizona and build relationships with stakeholders and assist current service provides to make better use of resources at their disposal.